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per year, billed annually or $09 USD year-to-year

  • 1500 App Executions
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1500 App Executions per month
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per month, billed annually or $15 USD month-to-month

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How to

Easy and fast to your 3rd Party Apps.

  • Create an Accounthere.
  • Create an API Key. Check out how tohere.
  • Make sure your API Key has: 

  • Insert your Dashboard URL from the "Organization"-Tab & the API Key into the sign-up form.

Thats it! Now we will deploy you ALLLLLLLLLLL APPs.

How does it work?

What is MakeMarket?

TL;TR? 3rd party Marketplace for Apps automatically send to your account.

  • MakeMarket helps Make Users and Partners that developed custom Apps others to resell those.
  • One can simply activte a account and gets automatically invited to all MakeMarket Apps.
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